What is associated with Częstochowa? One of them is Jasna Góra, and others ... Jasna Góra and Czarny Sport! CKM Włókniarz is a titled team with rich traditions. As avid fans of racing, we took great pride in receiving the information about the possibility of cooperation. The club's activists gave us full freedom, but also responsibility for the activities undertaken in the field of creating e-commerce for the speedway club. It was 2018 and we were in full throttle!

Our goal

CKM Włókniarz based its sales only on a stationary store and merchandising stands set up at the stadium during the tournament.

Our goal was to enable online sales, which would help increase the store's turnover and enable shopping fans from both Poland and Europe.

We take care of the products in the store in terms of graphics, copywriting and technology.

What have we done

Pre-implementation analysis and consultation

Designing and launching the online store

Taking product photos

Creation of descriptions for product cards

Category restructuring based on analytical data

Regularly auditing the store's operation

Active participation in the life of the club

Włókniarz Częstochowa


years of the club's existence


Total viewers in the stands


sold gadgets

We start with the topic step by step:

Our work usually begins with analyzes – we found out what the market needs are and how the competition is dealing with the topic. The next step was to design and launch an online store from scratch (in this case as an additional sales channel). We had over 300 company products at our disposal: both clothing and office supplies, as well as fan gadgets. First, we started taking product photos, then we created carefully tailored descriptions. The priority was also to enable the club to sell passes online
– nowadays the norm in the world of sport. 
We made sure that the store is compatible with many devices, we also audited it in terms of UX.

What are the results?

Thanks to our implementations, thousands of fans have the opportunity to purchase club gadgets, as well as seasonal tickets without leaving home.

This was especially important in times of pandemic restrictions, when traditional sales were difficult.

A modern online store allows you to achieve sales success. The norm for Polish e-commerce is 1% conversion. During the 4 years of our cooperation with CKM Włókniarz, we maintain this ratio at over 2%.

The greatest success was obtaining almost 27% conversion (several hundred orders) in one day.

A photograph of a CKM Włókniarz player, Leon Madsen, holding a black and white checkered flag


When you love what you do – you are never “at work”. In this case, that statement works perfectly well.

Our team takes an active part in cheering for the white and green. We are also visible as a brand at matches. We created our own jingle, which was broadcast between each race. Our logo has been displayed to several thousand people in many places at the stadium. Television broadcasts made it possible to reach over 300,000 viewers.

We also placed an advertisement for our agency in the official competition program.

We are convinced that the next seasons will be an opportunity to celebrate joint successes, both in terms of sports and business.

The image shows the view of the product on the CKM Włókniarz store website
Photograph of a male hand holding a newspaper with an advertisement for the Click Leaders agency
The photo shows a screenshot of the home page of the CKM Włókniarz Częstochowa online store
Website of the online shop with gadgets of the CKM Włókniarz Częstochowa speedway team
A photo of the Click Leaders team during an integration trip to the CKM Włókniarz speedway competition

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