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Online store migration

A fashion brand that proudly presents the highest quality materials and accessories, creating clothes that women dream about. The effect of high school friendship and cooperation between the actress Olga Kalicka and the enterprising Karolina Borowska. Such a project deserved a high-end store … and that’s what we created for them.

Implementation of an online store

Cooperation with the Light Home brand is an example where full trust in contractors – i.e. our agency – results in spectacular results. See how the activities of the Click Leaders agency contributed to business success in the lighting industry.

Modification of an existing store

Online store for the furniture industry? Meblowa1 is at the right address! An audit in the field of UX, Allegro or marketing resulted in the fact that constructive conclusions were sorted out. This allowed us to add implementations that effectively increased sales.

Implementation of an online store

How to work is with passion! We are very lucky that one of our clients turned out to be the CKM Włókniarz brand, which we support as a team. Creating an online store for fans is a task that we completed at full speed.

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