How to find a good copywriter?

September 30 2022

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Why does your brand need a good copywriter?

If you run an online business, you certainly pay attention to what your customers notice first. Visual identification, modern website design, impeccable product presentation. Behind all of this, however, there are words that reach the minds of people visiting your website. How you tell them about your brand can have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions and more. This is where the person who can help you comes to your aid. However, finding a good copywriter may not be that easy.

What are the features of a good copywriter?

When looking for the right person for your team, think about what features an ideal copywriter should have.

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When looking for the right person for your team, think about what features an ideal copywriter should have.

It has a light feather

This is a basic and obvious feature – a good copywriter writes with ease. Has a wide range of words, does not make spelling or stylistic errors. He can quickly compose a catchy slogan and write content that is pleasant to read.

150,000 is the approximate number of words in the Polish language dictionary. Do you know all of them?

Understands the purpose of each task

It’s not enough to write well. Creating relevant content is primarily about knowing where it will be used. This is another skill of a good copywriter. So-called SEO writing differs significantly from social media content. Describing products is also governed by different laws than slogans for popups or banners.

The ability to write seems trivial. However, you will quickly find out how important for conversion is, for example, a properly written title of a sales e-mail or the content of an advertisement on Facebook.

It has a good understanding of the target group's language

Another talent that characterizes a good copywriter is matching the language to the recipients. Example? A group of young girls will be happy to identify loose and direct phrases that will not be relevant in the case of a copy on the lawyer’s website. If you invest in a good copywriter, you will notice that this is a person who reads and analyzes data about the target group. Determining who you are writing to should be an absolute priority here.

Screenshot from the Instagram page of the female brand showing a photo of a woman exercising and asking the audience: what form are you in?
Properly structured content encourages interaction.

You do not lose yourself in the literary sense

Good copywriting is certainly a skillful use of words and associations that evoke appropriate emotions in the reader. However, it is not poetry in which the recipient has to wonder what the author meant. Form over content, looking for flowery epithets, an excess of complex sentences – these are all sins that still too many writers commit. Therefore, it is worth finding a person who can maintain a balance between the so-called flow, and a substantive “meat”.

How to write to establish a relationship with the client?

Empathy is the key word, also in copywriting. A good specialist will first of all answer a few questions: what is bothering my target group? What amuses them and what upsets them? What keeps them awake at night? What do they need to feel better?
One of the techniques that can be useful here is letting the audience speak by skillfully asking questions. Internet users love to talk about themselves, their health problems, small failures or successes. Therefore, each interaction post should end with a question.

Examples of graphics for social media posts that contain a question that encourages interaction, called a call to action
Ask your audience a question they'll be happy to answer.

Another way is to anticipate potential customer questions. On the basis of correspondence with the customer service department, you can easily pick the most popular questions and refer to them in the content, using phrases such as: “you do not know how to use our supplements?”, “Do we have delivery to parcel machines?” Or “if you want to join to the loyalty program… ”. Thanks to this attitude, you will inspire greater trust and also provoke recipients to ask more questions.

It is also worth getting interested in what storytelling is and how it influences the strengthening of ties between the writer and the reader. Arousing the recipient’s feeling “I have it too” is already half the battle.

People love stories that get me too! Good storytelling generates real emotions and that's what my goal is when creating content.

How to write to sell?

Is selling a good copywriter? Partly yes. A well-structured text followed by an appropriate CTA can and should bring your customer closer to the purchase. This is where specific linguistic techniques come in handy, such as the “rule of inaccessibility” – that is, creating the feeling that the product is limited and it is really worth buying it now! However, remember not to require your copywriter to write only for sales. Such attempts must fail.

Have you ever been accosted by an intrusive salesman? Do you care about similar emotions in the recipients of your brand? Exactly.

A photo showing female hands on a computer keyboard surrounded by office supplies such as a notebook, a pen or a phone stand
Content creation should have a specific goal and it is good for the copywriter to be aware of it.

How to write to position?

Online positioning is a completely separate field that we wrote about in one of our articles. Writing according to its rules requires specific skills, which is why many entrepreneurs employ an additional person for this type of task. Creating product descriptions or categories must meet the requirements of Google robots, but it is still intended for people! It is worth remembering about this before your copywriter publishes a text in which only… keywords appear.

Can you train a good copywriter?

From our agency experience, we can distinguish two types of copywriters. The first is a copywriter – a craftsman, a person you can certainly train. After all, there are many courses and webinars where you can learn a lot about successful content creation. For such people, a lot of tools have been created, thanks to which you can find available synonyms or check the spelling. Can such a person cope with any copywriting task? Certainly not. And here, on a white horse, comes the artist copywriter – a person who, on the one hand, has the necessary “technical” skills, but also an innate talent that makes him create better texts and does it much faster. It is also worth mentioning a completely new trend, which is the use of artificial intelligence in the content creation process. Programs like Jasper are able to automatically generate a lot of meaningful content in a flash. However, it will certainly be some time before they replace real copywriters.
Graphics with a character symbolizing Jasper, who is a robot that creates automatic content based on artificial intelligence technology
Will robots take copywriters' jobs? Watch this space.

Where to find a good copywriter?

Is looking for a really good copywriter like looking for a needle in a haystack? Oh yes! Copywriting seems to be a relatively “easy” job these days, so you have a large resource of freelancers to search. Platforms associating such people may be useful, you can also use the services of a specialized agency. Here, however, another question arises: how to find a good e-commerce agency? But this is a topic for a separate story.

The photo shows the Specialist for Social Media at the Click Leaders agency - Jagoda Wichurska.

Jagoda Wichurska

In the creative department, she is responsible for creating content and making up marketing ideas, which then form into neat plans.

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