Brand rebranding – a recipe for long-term growth?

August 18 2022

An example of an e-commerce brand before and after rebranding, two screenshots with the old and new version of the website

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is a process heavily supported by a marketing strategy and means a series of changes to refresh your brand image. However, we do not mean purely cosmetic changes, but rather something that could be called … an earthquake.
Your brand begins to speak with a different voice, changes its personality and external appearance. Thanks to a thorough metamorphosis, you can rediscover the so-called “Why” – what lies at the heart of the brand, the real reason why your business was brought to life.

Average time in years, after which brand rebranding takes place

In what situations is rebranding the best solution?

There is a belief that rebranding is used when a brand fails in its image, e.g. it becomes entangled in a viral that is unfavorable for itself, releases some failed product on the market, or … a carefree employee made a few unreasonable posts on Facebook or Twitter. Meanwhile, rebranding is not always an attempt to save the image. Very often it is simply the result of a deep analysis, the results of which give the owner a clear understanding that the company needs change.

Example of changing the brand logo - comparison of the old and new logos
Rebranding is a real revolution - it often starts with changing the name and logo of the brand.

Is rebranding easy to carry out?

If you were responsible for the birth of your brand, you are surely attached to all visual elements such as the logo, company font or colors used in communication on the website. If someone shows up who suggests drastic changes, it’s natural to have a lot of doubts and a great desire to take a step back. After all, rebranding is not a one-season change, but a long-term transformation of the brand.

Rebranding brings long-term results and is a very important element in the development of your brand. Make sure you have a professional and committed team around you, and the effects of the work will be spectacular.

Carrying the company through the subsequent stages of rebranding will require the involvement of many people. These are not changes that can be done in a few days. There is also the question of the reaction of recipients and contractors. People are reluctant to invest in what they don’t know, so rebranding should be done wisely to use your company’s true potential.

How long does brand rebranding take?

Much will depend on the starting point. Do you have an e-commerce site that has been using the same trademark for many years and has a complete, if slightly outdated visual identity? Or maybe you are just starting out in the industry and you are unfamiliar with concepts such as marketing strategy or brand book?

It is also worth considering who will perform the rebranding assumptions. If most of the tasks will belong to your team, analyze whether these resources are sufficient. It may turn out that it will be much more effective to outsource the rebranding to an external agency. By default, it is assumed that the time necessary to carry out the rebranding is at least 12 months. However, remember that during this time you will try to function as normally as possible, which may, however, resemble trying to live in a large construction site.

How to rebrand your e-commerce business?

Check where you are standing

You should ask yourself what are the reasons for rebranding. Does your logo look amateurish? The website is outdated? Or maybe you are conducting a merger with another business, or introducing significant changes in the structure of your company – e.g. creating departments that were not there before?

A group of Click Leaders employees discussing implementations related to rebranding
Before you make big changes, it's a good idea to check your human resources and available resources.

Explore the ground for change

If you’re considering rebranding, it’s a good idea to prepare for it. One of the easiest methods of “terrain recognition” is to conduct a survey that will show you how your brand is perceived at that moment. You can use the free Interquiries tool or the Google form, which will allow you to collect and analyze extremely valuable data. A very important part is the right choice of questions that may sound different to your current customers than to those who come into contact with the brand for the first time. Both of these groups are equally important and their answers may surprise you. It may turn out that even the name of a company that, in your opinion, fits perfectly with the industry in which you operate – customers associate completely differently.

Educate employees, delegate tasks

During rebranding, it is very important that every employee of your company understands what is happening and why. Therefore, a marketing strategy that can be consulted at every stage of activities will be extremely helpful. Such a document should function in your company not only in a virtual form, but also in physical form. Let your team read each chapter and dispel doubts at a company meeting. If your employees share the enthusiasm for rebuilding the brand – rebranding will be much easier.

Build up tension gradually

There is nothing worse than changes that no one is prepared for. If your customers are used to the tree icon on a green background, and suddenly see a composition of golden letters – they may think that they have mistaken the sites. Therefore, plan a premiere strategy that will build the tension of waiting for something to happen. A series of puzzling posts, sneak peeks, or unveiling the secret – there are many ways to make your rebranding something happily expected!

Also remember that after launching a new brand, it will be necessary to remind customers many times about what has changed. You can do it with the help of mass mailing, as well as materials on the blog or on social media.

An example of a social media post informing the audience of the Click Leaders brand about planned changes
Uncover the secret and give your audience a joyful expectation of something special.

Monitor feedback

The brand after the rebranding facelift is certainly something to be proud of. Give your recipients the opportunity to provide feedback and analyze their observations. It is worth making every effort to ensure that all elements are coherent and work in harmony. Such features characterize professional brands, and you want to join them!

Can rebranding fail?

In order for rebranding to be successful, it is worth preparing for it thoroughly. Make sure you’re following a real marketing strategy – not influenced by a friend’s opinion or momentary thoughts dictated by emotions. Here, decent foundations are really key and should be taken care of in the first place, and certainly long before you start focusing on cosmetic details.

History knows cases where the chaotic decision to change the logo has met with a big
customer dissatisfaction. If you want to avoid this, act methodically. First of all, think about what your brand history is, what made you do what you do and sell what you sell.

If rebranding helps to express the honest and authentic face of your brand – you can rest assured that it will succeed. It is also worth taking on board real specialists who will be able to honestly indicate to you everything that requires changes.

Is your e-commerce ready for rebranding?

Do not be under the illusion that we will be able to give you an unambiguous answer here. The first step in determining whether and what changes are indicated is a detailed interview. We need a lot of information about your brand and the challenges it faces. It may also be helpful to conduct an audit to find out if rebranding is a good idea.

The photo shows the Specialist for Social Media at the Click Leaders agency - Jagoda Wichurska.

Jagoda Wichurska

In the creative department, she is responsible for creating content and making up marketing ideas, which then form into neat plans.

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