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See more available forms of cooperation and choose what you need:

Comprehensive cooperation

Our clients most often use the option of comprehensive cooperation, in which they completely give us the helm of their online store. We provide you with care for the online store, taking care of every aspect and adapting to its current needs. Our activities include not only store service, but also dynamic activities aimed at the development of your e-commerce business.

What do you get

Online store service

Constant support from developers

Management of paid campaigns

Personalized integrations and tools

Continuous implementation of the communication strategy

Execution of long-term marketing plans

Building the brand image and its relations with customers

Implementation of an online store

Light Home

Cooperation with the Light Home brand is an example where full trust in contractors – i.e. our agency – results in spectacular results. See how the activities of the Click Leaders agency contributed to business success in the lighting industry.

Selective cooperation

If you need our support in selected areas, you can choose to cooperate selectively. We will do specific work for you in the field of UX, SEO or Ads. We can also take care of the creative side by acting in the field of visual identification or communication with clients, e.g. in social media.

What do you get

Store audit (marketing, UX)

Qualitative research (heat maps, click maps)

Create integration

Maintaining Allegro and Allegro ADS accounts

Creative activities - social media, copywriting

Graphic mockups and utility graphics

Marketing automation

Implementation of selected modules

Dekoracje Domu

In the case of the Dekoracja Domu brand, we were only entrusted with programming activities. The company has an excellent team that copes well with marketing and graphic tasks. The work of our developers is the most common example of selective cooperation. We have created an online store full of personalized solutions that fit perfectly into the modern profile of the company and the requirements of its target group.

Comprehensive cooperation

Selective cooperation


Much less tasks on your side

Ongoing technical support

Greater effectiveness of activities in the context of sales

Consistency of tasks that help build a solid brand

You only pay for selected tasks

Most decisions belong to you

No radical changes

You can spread the actions over time


Relatively higher costs

We make decisions on your behalf

A need to negotiate compromise

In some cases, you have to accept revolutionary changes

The effects are not as spectacular as in the case of comprehensive cooperation

Much of the work is on your side

Responsibility for performance shared among all subcontractors

The risk of losing brand consistency

Why is it worth cooperating with Click Leaders?


We will build your online store from scratch, taking care of every detail.


We will adjust solutions that will work well in your industry.


We will propose implementations that will distinguish you from the competition.

The stores that we create can be integrated with a huge number of tools:

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Contact us and let's talk about how to improve the operation of your store and increase profits.

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