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If you want to work with people who really love what they do, you're in the right place. Meet Click Leaders - specialists in creating and promoting online stores.
An e-commerce agency from Częstochowa that does not promise miracles, but delivers specific results.

Why is it worth it
to work with us?


We are developing... because we really want to. The entire Click Leaders team are people hungry for knowledge and inspiration, constantly expanding their horizons. No one is standing still waiting for payment. We want to be leaders in the industry and we are doing quite well.


Each employee knows exactly what to do and why. We are synchronized like the elements of a Swiss watch. We support each other and use each other's experience, all for the benefit of your business.


Ideas at Click Leaders are something that never ends. We love to surprise our clients with solutions that are truly unique. If you let us, we will shower you with ideas for actions that will bring concrete results.


We identify with your project as if it were our own. When you achieve sales success - we are happy with all our hearts. When you're in trouble, we feel it with you and do what we can to help you.

The best place in the region

We strive to make our workplace the best in the region.

We deeply believe that the atmosphere is created by people. Those who work for us are the best confirmation of this. Most new people open their eyes in surprise during a job interview. Yes! The overall vibe of Click Leaders is so great that some people find it suspicious. But when the gentleman delivering the sandwiches admits that he genuinely likes to visit us - we feel that we are simply doing a good job.

Work means more

Work means much more to us than the standard 8 hours in the office.

Everyone contributes to make this time not only productive, but also pleasant. That's why we have an office pooch, a relaxation room, and a dress code that includes... comfortable slippers. Even after working hours, we often exchange inspirational links or meet in private.

Click Leaders was established during 2016 year
in Czestochowa

Our e-commerce agency has been operating since 2016. We provide comprehensive services for online stores and implement modern marketing solutions. Why did I choose e-commerce? Because I felt it would work. I was lucky to understand very quickly what I wanted to do in my life.

Click Leaders is the realization of plans that I have been striving towards for many years. By employing more specialists, I try to provide them with a friendly and modern work environment in which everyone has the space to do what they are most competent in.

Our mission

At Click Leaders, we work to make your store improve each day.
Business is growing.
And the profits are getting more and more satisfying.

Rocket launching

When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders.

Simon Sinek

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Click Leaders after hours...



The well-being of our customers is our priority


We can always count on the help and experience of our associates


We resolve any misunderstandings as soon as possible


They serve both customers and employees


We work as best and as quickly as we can


We show it regardless of differences of opinion


We create the most comfortable workplace


We never stop striving for perfection

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