Case study

A fashion brand that proudly presents the highest quality materials and accessories, creating clothes that women dream about. The effect of high school friendship and cooperation between the actress Olga Kalicka and the enterprising Karolina Borowska.

Such a project deserved a high-end store ... and that's what we created for them.

Our goal

Conducting an effective migration of the store to the PrestaShop platform.

We wanted to properly show the advantages of the product offer and create a store that would respond to the growing requirements of the target group.

A functional store that works on both a computer screen and a mobile phone must comply with the UX rules as well as the needs of the target audience.

What have we done

Modification of the store mock-up

Adapting the product webpage to the UX rules

Advanced GA configuration

Configuration testing

Verification of the link structure

Mail migration

Preparation of tutorials, consulting

Effects that speak for themselves:


increase in the number of users within 2 months

0 k.

new users

0 k.

transactions during the year

Rêves … meaning everything starts with a dream

The Rêves brand is the result of the dreams of Karolina Borowska and her friend Olga Kalicka. In 2020, they established a fashion brand that combined a romantic and feminine style with quality that satisfies even the most demanding customers. Women’s clothes, sewn in Poland, refined down to the smallest detail, demanded an appropriate setting. The Niebieski Lis agency, our close business partner, was responsible for the performance and communication of the brand and recommended us for other tasks. Our agency moved the store to a more effective platform.

We explain our activities step by step: 

We started our cooperation with an analysis of the store, which was set up on the simple and free WordPress platform. However, it was not effective enough, so we immediately suggested moving to PrestaShop. This platform is one of our favorites because it offers so much more functionality.

We start with the basics:

An updated model of the store has been prepared, compatible with both desktop and mobile displays.

Then we started working on adapting the website to the purchasing process. Standard actions include, for example, excluding certain functions from the form (titling Mr. / Mrs., asking about the date of birth, or additional messages related to partner offers).

An important step was also styling the list on the product card or correcting the messages on 404 pages. We also removed the standard options in the engine that the client did not need to use, e.g. Payment adjustments that have been removed from both the customer’s account and the footer links.

Graphical representation of the online store prototype for the fashion brand reves

The devil is in the details?

An example of one of the dozens of additional functionalities implemented on our part was the function changing the value of the displayed sum of products in the header and in the basket icon. This happens when the user changes the number of products already in the cart.

Advanced configuration of Google Analytics has also been implemented. We added views and set targets to download detailed results. We have also completed the configuration of all payment methods.

Graphics showing a woman with an open laptop in her hand. There are icons of various payment methods around it, as well as an example of a dress to buy in an online store

Crisis Testing:

In the last steps during testing, an attempt was made to cause an error in the operation of the page. All this to make sure that all processes are working properly and that the store’s foundations are strong enough to react appropriately, even in “goalkeeping” situations. These are extremely important experiences that pay off in the event of a failure or moments when the website is overloaded for various reasons. Think, for example, about the premieres of new collections or occasions such as Black Friday. We wanted to be sure that our client’s store is ready to operate at top speed, at any time of the day or night.

Another task for our specialists was to complete the missing translations of the modules. We always place great emphasis on the website being optimized for mobile devices. The group of customers using this type of devices is constantly growing, as are its requirements. Neglecting functionality on a mobile device always has dire consequences.

The implementation of corrections related to the operation of the search engine and the map of parcel lockers was the next stage of work. Theoretically, these are details, but as it turned out, their proper functioning had a huge impact on the quality of the entire website.

Graphics symbolizing a server error that you may encounter while shopping online
Graphics showing functionality testing in an online store
An example of a shopping cart in an online store. The screenshot shows the products added to the cart as well as its summary.

Finishing touches:

Before a new page is launched, we always make double sure that everything regarding redirecting or archiving materials from the old version. We perform the necessary data exports or redirections (e.g. e-mail address from test to final version).

At this stage, the DNS zone of the new website was created. We also reset apache settings and generated a new htaccess.

Finally, we have also configured a module for generating labels. We also performed a series of tests in close cooperation with the owners of the company.

The image shows a screenshot of an online store in which implementation work is carried out, as well as saving previous versions

Ready to take off?

All we have to do is disable the blockade of Google robots from the website code, connect and check Google Analytics, as well as import orders placed during the migration (from the old to the new store).

The store was ready for its premiere.

Google analytics tool tab, thanks to which you can check various sales indicators in the online store

Effects that speak for themselves:

The increase in sales by over 100% is an obvious and undeniable effect of our actions. Beautifully displayed products and an intuitively designed store where you want to buy! Rêves customers appreciated both the quality of the products, complete descriptions and the ease of choosing a size. Shopping in the Reves-store is simple and pleasant, which means that the brand regularly wins the hearts of more Polish women. The store is developing very well, and the owners of the brand dream of the next stage – opening a stationary boutique.

What's next?

By entrusting the store to our customers, we make them aware that it is a “living organism” that will require care from time to time. In the subscription system, we provide comprehensive care, but our ambition is also to provide the client with an educational package. The point is that you should understand at least some of the processes that take place in the technical back of the store and be able to react where necessary.

For the Rêves store, we have prepared tutorials on adding discounts to individual products (it saves time when there is an unexpected promotional opportunity or a specific situation in the warehouse). For our clients, we usually create educational videos or step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

We are currently taking care of the store platform from the IT side and it is up to us to implement technical integrations and react to updates or unforeseen problems. However, a trained team of the Rêves brand interacts with us on certain issues, and sometimes even is able to solve technical matters on their own.

Presentation of the website of the convenient returns system available in the reves store online store
Sample product card from the Reves online store
A screenshot from the home page of the Reves online boutique showing banners with the latest collection and the most popular categories
Website for the dresses category in the Reves online store
A page with a basket summary, product suggestions and a subscription to the Reves newsletter

Rêves is a team that we enjoy working with. The girls are demanding and know what they want, but their specific guidelines make the process of implementing changes much shorter. Fulfilling individual dreams (rêves) fuels the appetite for new ones, so we can now reveal that the next projects go from the planning phase to the concrete phase.
Watch this space.

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