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You can never predict who will knock on your company's door. Service provider or maybe a future customer? Our history with the Meblowa1 brand began in 2018 - when the furniture was brought to the office where we worked. The conversation during their assembly turned into a business relationship, which continues to this day :)

Our goal

The primary goal was to increase sales. The Meblowa1 brand already had an established position on the Allegro platform, but there was no online store that would bring satisfactory profits. We decided to conduct a solid audit, thanks to which it was possible to carry out specific steps towards the company's development.

What have we done

Updating the store design

Implementation of personalized modules

Conducting audits (allegro, UX, technical, marketing)

SEO audit implementation

Implementation of a communication strategy

Strategic consulting

Starting social media communication

Effects – that speak for themselves


Increase in revenues in the last 2 years


Increase in traffic from positioning


Bounce rate achieved

We explain our activities step by step:

Our first task was to conduct a multi-level audit.

Meblowa1 had its own website, but in terms of UX, we noticed a few challenges there.

In total, we have performed several audits – relating to technical issues, communication style or the quality of product photos. All these aspects later had a huge impact on sales results.

Changes in the store

We used solutions that were adapted to the individual needs of the client and his business. One example is the difference in the availability of individual products – some furniture is available within a few days, while others have longer waiting time. We have implemented a solution that made it possible to display appropriate messages in both cases depending on the place (product card or basket) and different scenarios (furniture with several delivery dates in one purchase).

It is also impossible not to notice the differences in the design of the store, which we have given a modern look. You can see at first glance that it has undergone quite a revolution.

Comparison of the old and new website of the Meblowa 1 store

In cooperation with our partner, we started work on the implementation of SEO activities. As a result, the Meblowa1 store began to be better positioned in the network, which resulted in more traffic in the store.

Throughout the period of cooperation, we provided the company with marketing support, suggesting to start activity in social media. A communication strategy was also created, as well as graphic templates for posts. At this stage (March 2022), we are starting a joint activity on Facebook and Instagram with the number of 2637 followers (FB) and 887 (IG). The effects should be noticeable after a few months.

The effects are on the desk

The noticeable increase in sales is a result that speaks for itself.

The Meblowa1 brand is developing very well, expanding both the product offer and … the group of customers. We are convinced that our activities in social media will help to increase the reach even more effectively and will contribute to increase of the acquired profit.

Below is a chart showing obvious changes in the company’s sales.

Chart showing the financial development of an online store based on Google Analytics
Screenshot of a furniture store1 with an example shopping cart summary
The website of the furniture store Meblowa1
The photo shows a screenshot from the home page of the furniture store1
Screenshot of furniture store1 - product card
Screenshot of the blog guide from the furniture store1

The relationship is furnished for good

We like situations in which cooperation with the client is based on a sincere relationship, and this is the case here. It is worth mentioning that the content for this article was created on a keyboard placed on … a desk from the Furniture Collection. This is probably a sufficient recommendation?

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