Case study
Light Home

Light Home is a company that manufactures home lighting. When we met its owner in 2016, production and sales were based inside of a small warehouse and Allegro account serving a dozen or so customers per month. The sole proprietorship dealt with both order processing and marketing.

Our audit showed that basing sales solely on the Allegro platform does not use the company's potential and does not allow for effective brand awareness building.

Our goal

We drew up a marketing plan together, the assumption of which was to increase sales to a certain level in the first year.

To make this possible, we have presented proposals for specific implementations:

– designing and launching the online store

– development and implementation of a professional marketing strategy

– improvement of the store operation with the usage of automation

What have we done

Pre-implementation analysis and consultations

Designing and launching the online store

SEO audit and optimization

Development and implementation of a professional marketing strategy

Comprehensive social media care

Customer service automation

LH brand employees training

Effects – that speak for themselves

0 k.

Transactions carried out


Average annual project growth

0 millions

The number of recipients we have reached

We explain our activities step by step:


In 2019, we suggested creating a professional marketing strategy, thanks to which very detailed paths of brand development were mapped out. Together with the client, we decided to completely refresh the brand.

In the first stage, the brand’s logo was changed, which in turn had an impact on the entire visual communication – it was necessary to change the design of both the website and graphic templates or other elements. Thanks to these measures, we have managed to further adapt the image of Light Home to the expectations of its customers.

Comparison of the Light Home brand logo

Below, we can see how much impact – for example on the activities in the Facebook advertising system the brand refreshment has provided. The graphic layout and personalized content improved the general reception of the brand, contributing to the growth of followers.

In the period from March 1 to December 31, 2019, the campaigns generated the following results:

Views: 4 327 360
Link Clicks: 144 891
ROAS: 6,86

In the period 01.01-31.12.2020, the campaigns generated the following results:

Views: 7 890 062
Link Clicks: 347 884
ROAS: 9,22

An example of a phone mockup showing

Communication in social media

Effective communication began to provide results from the very beginning – the recipients started responding to our content by writing comments or sending photos of their own interior design projects using Light Home lamps. 

We decided to press the advantage of this trend by offering them discount codes for their next purchases upon return. This provided us with regular photo deliveries which helped in createing credible and authentic social media content.

A screenshot of the statistics panel on Facebook showing the results of lighting brands

More traffic in the store required additional automation measures. We took care of additional autoresponders, operating according to specific scenarios.

Together with the client, we also put a stronger emphasis on the newsletter, thanks to which we could reach clients not only with news, but also with expert content.

Currently, we have reached the next stage, in which we cooperate with interior designers who can use 3D models of Light Home lamps in their visualizations. In this way, we serve our common target group – providing them with interior design inspirations.

Flick and there are effects!

The most spectacular changes took place in the sales results. From a financial point of view: the assumed annual plan was achieved … after the fourth month of cooperation. The initial effect of the carefully prepared project exceeded our wildest expectations! The third year of cooperation is as much as 800% growth compared to the first 12 months.

Screenshot of a graph from Google Analytics

Success story? Definitely!

The interest in the products has exceeded our wildest expectations. The owner quickly followed with an increase of the production hall, he also hired a dozen or so people who deal not only with customer service, but even describing new models that appear on the store’s website with great intensity. It is worth mentioning here that as an agency, we provided substantive support and several training sessions to LH employees. Currently, they are able to introduce new content on their own in accordance with the extensive instructions from the SEO audit.

We also managed to encourage the owner of the company to participate in various training courses that helped him open up to new marketing opportunities.

Screenshot of light-home lamps
A floor lamp with a lampshade by Light Home
Image of the homepage of the Light Home lamp store
Screenshot from the Light Home home lighting store page
A screenshot of the Light Home lighting store page, an example of a blog post about ceiling lamps

From a small family company, Light Home has become a brand that competes without issues with large players on the lighting market in Poland.

At this point, Light Home begins sale activities outside Poland. Thanks to the perfectly set up processes, we are absolutely confident that this e-commerce can also be handled abroad.

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