Why is it worth conducting a marketing audit

May 12 2022

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Find out if a marketing audit is what you need?

In the virtual world, changes happen very quickly. Following the latest trends as well as technical updates is not the easiest task. So it may turn out that the owner of an online store completely unknowingly loses its potential. Learn about the aspects that are worth paying attention  to when conducting a marketing audit. Just see how many customers are waiting to get to know your products and services!

Based on data from 2021. the number of internet users who shop online is already:


1. Visual of the website / store / social media profiles

The first impression is made only once. It is worth investing in a website whose design is not only modern and perfectly tailored to the client, but most of all, which is in line with the brand’s visual strategy. Other elements, such as post templates, banners on the store, or other graphic materials should also be consistent with it. The right choice of color or typeface can be of great importance in the positioning of a product or service compared to the competition.

The visual effect allows you to stop the client as if you grabbed his hand. Only then do you have a chance to reach through with your offer.

2. UX page

Each stage, seen through the eyes of the client, could be used to briefly describe the course of the analysis in terms of UX. The usability of the website is what each of your clients experiences on it. This is one of the key elements that will be reflected in the shopping conversion if neglected. It is worth checking if the process of ordering individual products is transparent and easy, and making a payment on the website is not a potential bottleneck. Any ambiguities on the product cards, potential obstacles in the basket, problems with finding information about the order fulfillment, may affect the decision to leave the store by the customer.

At Click Leaders, we happened to track down obstacles, the removal of which turned out to be a real sales revolution for our clients. At times it was literally a matter of unlocking one button. Yes, even such a detail can make a difference during the shopping process in the store!

A photograph of Click Leaders graphic designers analyzing a sketch of a store page mock-up
Planning UX-related elements on the website.

3. Communication

The way of communicating with the client also has a huge impact on the perception of the brand. This happens not only when creating content on social media, but also through slogans on banners, sales emails or buttons on the store. It is worth paying special attention to the target group and adjusting the communication to their needs. The dynamic e-commerce market requires business owners to constantly fight for the attention of recipients, and appropriate linguistic procedures can be an effective method of attracting the attention of potential customers. Social Media Marketing Agencies are outdoing each other in ideas, because the game is worth the candle.

4. Analiza konkurencji

Before you start any activities with building an e-store, you should get to know the competition’s environment and the specifics of its online activities. When looking for both good and bad examples of how to do marketing, focus on what you can do better to maximize your business’s potential.

Take a look at the competition to not to repeat its mistakes. Take care of your own, individual communication that will attract the right customers to you.

When analyzing the activities of your store, look for any distinguishing features that you will later use in the marketing process. Noticing what is unique in your offer will be useful in creating an effective strategy. After a thorough analysis of your competitors’ promotional activities so far, as well as after creating your unique vision and brand mission, you should be able to prepare perfectly selected activities that will stay in your recipient memory.

If you need help, we will be happy to conduct a marketing audit for you, which will help us develop a list of implementations and suggestions that will contribute to the development of your brand.

An analytics chart showing the growth of followers of a brand profile on Instagram
The stable growth of observers is proof of the effective operation of the Social Media department.

See what actions we have taken for our clients after conducting marketing audits:

  • preparation of communication plans for social media
  • cooperation with influencers who have over 1 million followers

  • creating a diet and training planner from scratch for a brand from the health and beauty industry

  • organizing a professional photo session – content to be used on the website and in social media

  • recording on TikTok with almost 3 million views

  • creating a loyalty program for regular customers

Find out that a marketing audit is an important milestone in the history of your e-commerce business. On the one hand, it is a brutal truth that can expose previous negligence. On the other – specifics and guidelines that set themselves up for implementation.

Portrait photography - Jagoda Wichurska, social media specialist at Click Leaders agency

Jagoda Wichurska

Creative copywriter. Professionally shoots ideas which she implements with the help of marketing plans.

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