How to build a brand on Instagram?

January 03 2023

Graphic showing a mobile phone with Instagram visuals

Is there a recipe for building a strong brand for your e-commerce on Instagram? Perhaps… In a moment, we will guide you through valuable advice and reveal how to build strong content that sells! Interested?

The e-commerce industry is not slowing down. The development of new online stores and the emergence of stronger competition on the market does not make the task any easier. So how to stand out from the rest and build an effective Instagram profile from scratch?

You need to know that the beginnings are not the easiest ones, but with our tips you will gain a solid foundation and know how to act. Don’t wait, start implementing our ideas today. Save this article for later and come back to it systematically implementing your plan – for success!

Where to start? Start with the basics!

At the beginning, it is worth considering whether your website is working properly. Why? Long page loading will not encourage your customers to buy. You also need to take care of UX (user experience) activities so that the store is easy and pleasant to use. The process of switching from Instagram to your online store should be smooth and without any “surprises”. A few seconds of waiting for it to load is enough to discourage users from shopping in your store.

The next step is …

Competition analysis

Check what content others are adding, but absolutely don’t copy it! Nowadays, authenticity and originality are at a premium. By analyzing the competition, you will gain:

  • knowledge of its target group
  • how they promote their products and what communication channels they use
  • information on how customers react to individual posts or stories
  • user opinions about the product and service of the competition. Note: This is extremely helpful – this way you can infer what your customers are not satisfied with and use it for yourself. Learn from the mistakes of others …

Find your niche – this is very important if you want to break through and stand out from the rest!
Lessons learned? We’re flying on!

The most important place on your Instagram - BIO!

A bio is a company’s business card – this is the first thing users look at. What must it contain? A link to the website is mandatory so that you can easily go to the store and, most importantly, information about your brand – write what you do or what products you produce.

Don’t write too much … It should be short and concise. Exactly…

So many characters with spaces you can spend on your IG BIO

A visual strategy for brand building on Instagram

The colors in your Instagram graphics must be consistent with your branding.

For example: If you run an oriental massage parlor, where the photos are dominated by such shades as dark green, brown or beige – in social media communication, do not go into bright yellow, red or blue. It will not look good in the Instagram feed – you will introduce unnecessary chaos, and you want the profile to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, right?

Also, find a font that suits your brand and use it when creating graphics.

Examples of moodboards, i.e. proposals for brand visual identification
The more consistent the visual identity, the greater the credibility of your brand.

You have no idea where to create graphics for posts?
Try the free Canva program – it’s fabulously easy to use. If you don’t know where to start, start there. However, if you do not have an “artistic hand”, let a professional graphic designer do the work. Your brand will thank you!

Creating graphic content yourself is acceptable when your business is just starting out. However, you'll quickly find that the time you spend creating graphics should be used elsewhere. Therefore, trusting professionals is not only right, but also profitable.

Create a schedule for engaging posts

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and think about what you would like to see and read on a profile like yours. List your ideas and then move on to content planning. You don’t know what to write about, what to publish? We have a little hint for you …

  1. Engaging post – ask for the views of observers on a given topic.
  2. Educational post – share your knowledge with others.
  3. Product post – present your product in a creative and subtle way so that it attracts the attention of your followers.

Remember that regularity is very important. Posting a few posts once a month will not bring the desired results. Be regular and consistent in your actions. To achieve your goal, you can use the free Creator Studio program in which you can plan Instagram posts for the whole month, selecting the date and time – now you will surely not miss a thing!

Screenshot of the Facebook and Instagram post scheduling wizard view
The post creator is an intuitive tool that will support you in planning social media content.

We move on! Paid ads - reach new users

Why is it worth investing in paid Instagram ads? There is no deeper philosophy in this … You can reach new users easily. The advertisement can be directed to a selected target group, thus you acquire a specific group of people.

You don’t have to burden your budget with amounts from the moon – a symbolic financial contribution is enough to start with. Convince yourself of the power of advertising, especially during the promotion, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Influencers – they know how to build a brand on Instagram!

The fastest growing way to attract new customers and develop your profile – influencer marketing. What are the benefits?

The presence of an influencer strengthens your brand image by attracting its followers to your area, which improves the reach of your profile. Another benefit is increased credibility, because “if an internet creator recommends, it must be good and proven.” You have the chance to gain new followers, so what more could you want?

A phone screen with animated hearts flying out as a symbol of fans on influencer accounts
Use the popularity of influencers to expand your brand's reach.
A good influencer is someone who shares the values ​​in line with your brand's mission. If you find the right person, your business will gain an ambassador in the network.

Insta Story - how to build a brand on Instagram, that's how!

An excellent format for publishing content, thanks to which you can communicate with your followers, inform them about new products or services. A single account lasts 15 seconds, and the entire story exists online for 24 hours, unless saved in a special folder.

You must remember that when entering Instagram, the user does not view photos first, but watches Insta Story! Relationships are displayed first, which is why they are such a valuable communication channel.

Don’t know what to show? Read carefully now, because we are just revealing the brand-name flavors …

Show your products – talk about them, focusing primarily on the benefits. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, show the treatment and tell us how it positively affects the skin.

Show a day in the life of the company – the observers will be happy to see what is happening “from behind the scenes”. Record a story about how you pack products, present the stages of production, you can also show employees – talk about their work, what they do and what they are responsible for. By showing yourself and your team on Insta Story, you build trust and credibility.

Share stories – customers often mark brands next to the products they have purchased – it is worth using and appreciating. The more you share their content, the more often they will share yours.

Share with other industry trivia – never too much knowledge! Record guides, tutorials or reviews. Make your content valuable.

Screenshots of examples of Instagram activity, e.g. contest, IG live
Don't get bored with your brand's Instagram followers.
Remember to keep proper proportions when adding sales posts. The Instagram algorithm will quickly sense intrusive sales and will cut the ranges.

Is an Instagram contest a good idea for promotion?

How to “wake up” your followers and remind them of yourself? Organize a contest!
Cyclical or “once in a while” often bring surprising results. This is a good form of promotion when you are just starting out or if you want to activate followers after a moment of absence. It is best to organize a competition with simple rules, then the number of applicants will be greater.

An example of an Instagram contest
A well-thought-out contest is a great way to position your brand online.

Collaborate with others

Contests with other brands are becoming more and more popular. What is it about?
If you are a gym owner, you can join forces with a brand that produces sportswear or diet catering. Your followers will be delighted and both brands will benefit.poniosą obie marki.

Stay updated... Bet on Reels!

Reels on Instagram appeared in November 2021. They gained so much popularity that now the entire Instagram is based on them. Rolls is a new publication channel focused mainly on video content. You can create short videos there (edit, edit, improve) and then add them to your profile. The maximum roll duration is 60 seconds.

Why is it worth it?

The Instagram algorithm promotes all the news – the roll you shared will appear at the beginning of all publications and will be much more visible than the post. However, the most important advantage of rolls is the fact that they are shown to completely new audiences – so you have a unique chance to gain followers.

The way to algorithm on Instagram? We got him!

A table comparing activities that are promoted or lowered in the hierarchy by the algorithm
Learn what to do to live in harmony with the Instagram algorithm.

Do you already know how to build a brand on Instagram?

Nowadays, in the online world, it is not enough to have a social media profile – you have to be engaged and adapt to the current trends. Recent months have initiated the development of video marketing, which is developing intensively and will stay with us for longer. Note: This is not a temporary trend!

Unfortunately, all brands that do not follow the news are far behind. It’s high time to start working on the IG profile, let’s go!

If, despite the above tips, you get lost in the online world – write to us. We will help you create a strong brand on Instagram that generates profits!

Business portrait: Julia Lach, an employee of the creative department at the e-commerce Click Leaders agency

Julia Lach

Social media specialist. In the creative department, he deals with digital marketing. Thanks to her work, your brand efficiently moves upwards, by utilizing the latest e-commerce trends.

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