E-commerce, or how to embrace this whole… jumble!

August 04 2022

Title image illustrating e-commerce as a set of many elements that work holistically

A good stew requires cooking for a long time and adding the best quality ingredients in the right proportions and at the right time. Such a dish is the perfect balance of flavors and textures that even connoisseurs appreciate.

Okay, before we get your taste buds up for good – it’s time to remind you that we cook tasty e-commerce here. So, one at a time, to the pot.

The sequence of actions is the basis in e-commerce

Good recipes are there to stick to them. They were created following logical rules so that the effect was predictable. No surprises. And without any fervor (literally and figuratively).

E-commerce works exactly the same. To get the effect, you have to stick to the order:

First, analyze the market.

Brand idea.

The product and its potential recipients.

Then the foundations – a well-configured sales platform. At the same time, carefully prepared visual identification.And marketing, so that as many people as possible get to know the taste of your brand.

Activities in social media or beautifully arranged ads will be pointless if they lead to a store that has errors in the field of UX. Therefore, take care of the basics first and add ornaments at a later stage.

The quality of the individual components of your e-commerce

Have you ever eaten bigos in the train station bar? A plastic bowl, yesterday’s thick chunk of bread and a cold meat, the taste of which does not bode well for anything good. It is obvious that the investment in the highest quality ingredients has an impact not only on the visual or taste sensations, but even on the health of the potential consumer.

Regarding your brand, you can also go for the cheapest or even free. Why overpay? And so that the cheapest actions do not result in hiccups later.
Examples? Translating the page into another language. You can do this quickly with the free polyang plugin. Unfortunately, you’ll soon find out that it has a negative impact on your website’s SEO as it does a complete duplication of your content. Your SEO will take a hit and you will end up spending your money again.

A similar example may be the tendency to use the services of friends when creating graphics or photos. One of our clients disagreed with the person who had the original versions of the company’s graphic files. Recovering them turned out to be impossible, and recreating them based on compressed pictures… quite breakneck.

E-commerce agency graphic designers analyze the design of advertising graphics for a client in front of a computer
It is worth paying more for professional graphic services.

Patience, does your e-commerce have this feature?

The best dishes differ from fast food in that the waiting time is rewarded with delicious taste. Connoisseurs are able to pay a lot for properly matured cheese or wine – even if it involves longer waiting times.

Likewise in our industry. You should wait for the effects. Building relationships with recipients or image-building activities are extremely important aspects. However, don’t expect them to bring you sales immediately.

Marketing is not a sprint, but a marathon. Prepare your resources, distribute your forces properly and run so that you don't run out of energy in the middle of the distance. It is far from the finish line, but the results are really worth waiting for.
We analyzed one of the fan pages that is our client’s competition. The owner of the profile “topped up” his account with followers. Yes it is possible, but let us explain why we strongly do not recommend this method. An artificially shot fanpage may impress you in terms of the number of fans, but it will never bring you organic engagement – genuine sympathy or a sincere response to the content. Purchased “likes” are often fake accounts that happen collectively deleted byFacebook or Instagram algorithms.
Screenshot of the gradual and organic growth of fans on social media
"Healthy" and long-term growth of fans in social media.
Screenshot showing a graph of varying fan growth on Instagram
Suspicious gains, which are sometimes the result of "buying" fans

One of the tools we use to check the quality of individual social media accounts is InfluTool. In it, you can check what a given account publishes, and also – which groups of recipients it reaches most effectively. It is especially useful when we are looking for influencers to cooperate with.

One of the influencers whose account we analyzed had a very high number of engaged fans. It seemed perfect for promoting a product for women. However, it quickly turned out that the group of its recipients are almost exclusively men, for whom showing this product was pointless. Finding an effective influencer definitely takes time.

It is worth doing the tedious and long-term work of organic lead generation or people to cooperate with in order to enjoy their loyalty later. Only from this level you can start with a neat sales offer and count on measurable results.

Please note the screenshots below. Posts score relatively high in organic reach when it comes to reach. A paid promotion of one of them helped in getting a much higher rate of clicks and comments.

Regular analysis of the results of your social media posts will allow you to draw constructive conclusions. Do your recipients prefer studio product photos, or maybe arrangements made by customers? After some time you will start to notice what and why on your profile “flashes” better. Such analyzes are available in the “statistics” section of your Facebook account.

Screenshot showing the organic reach of individual brand posts on Facebook
Good organic ranges are a great starting point for paid promotion.

Effective communication, i.e. posts that trigger genuine reactions from your audience, is the first step to success in social media. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on the image and positioning of your brand compared to the competition.

Graph from Facebook statistics showing the growth of fans on the brand's fanpage
If your brand's social profile records regular fan growth, you are doing a good job.

What if I run my e-commerce "my way"?

In business, as well as in the culinary world, there are virtuosi who break the generally accepted rules and set their own. However, the successes here are so sporadic that, in our opinion, it is not worth the risk. E-commerce loves processes – well-thought-out and planned activities governed by synergy. Skipping steps and taking a yolo approach is a straightforward path to business failure. This is especially important at the beginning of your business journey.

So many companies fail in the first year of operation (PARP, 2020)

This e-commerce is quite a mess, huh?

It just so happens that quite a lot of our team feel great at both the computer keyboard and the hob. In the descriptions of many Click Leaders employees, you will find information about their culinary passions. We also transfer our kitchen skills to business, taking care of every aspect of your e-commerce business as a refined meal. Therefore, you can be sure that we have a proven recipe for success in the e-commerce industry.

The photo shows the Specialist for Social Media at the Click Leaders agency - Jagoda Wichurska.

Jagoda Wichurska

In the creative department, she is responsible for creating content and making up marketing ideas, which then form into neat plans.

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