5 diseases affecting an online store in the fashion industry

April 27 2022


Why is your online store from the fashion industry not bringing the expected results?

We have prepared a list of the most popular problems for you, based on our experience to date. For a long time of the “new reality” that caught up with us right after the start of the pandemic in Q1 2020, we had the impression that all boutiques wanted to be online. Many of them realized their assumptions about being present in the online world, but without much success.

Are you one of thousands of online boutique owners and you feel that your online store in the fashion industry is not bringing you satisfactory results? Read what could be the causes and how to remedy them.

Valuable insights on the fashion industry!

1. Pixel curse

The fashion industry is a place where the role of good photos on the store’s website is invaluable. What does a good photo mean?

Technically great. For sure. Showing the product in (literally) the best light. Definitely!

But a good photo should also be properly compressed.
Too “heavy” photos take much longer to load, slowing down the page loading speed. This may be the reason your potential customer leaves the store. After all, an e-commerce platform is a place where every second counts. There were often cases of stores where the banner content itself could weigh 10 mb (sic!), While the rest of the store was less than 3-5 mb. It’s worth using the free lossless compression tool here – tinyjpg.com, or use the new WebP format instead of JPG to give your store a second breath.

banner przedstawiajacy jakos zdjec
It is worth working out a compromise between the satisfactory quality and the weight of the photo.

2. Advertising short-sightedness

Someone told you that without an advertisement on Facebook, you can’t go anywhere. As such, you invest in campaign by campaign and the conversion is stagnant. You start to get irritated with Facebook while browsing through the settings or even changing the marketing agency.

Meanwhile, it is worth looking at the problem from a broader perspective. Even the best-configured ad can have poor results if the customer experiences an avalanche of inconvenience after entering your store’s website. The aforementioned problems with loading speed, as well as many other aspects in the field of UX (user experience), such as incorrect search, filtering or sorting are matters that should be fixed in the first place

The research doesn't lie. The modern look of the store and the ease of movement without "glitches" are some of the most important factors that influence the decision to buy. We live fast, we have less and less time and we want online shopping to be quick and easy as well. Fortunately, the awareness of many entrepreneurs about UX is constantly growing.

3. Cell neglect disease

The absolute majority of Internet users use their mobile phones to browse the Internet. Is your online fashion store prepared for it? Neglecting responsiveness, i.e. the ability to adjust the appearance of the website to many types of devices, is one of the greatest sins of e-commerce owners.

We must remember that in addition to different screen sizes and proportions, we are dealing with different systems (Android or iOS) and browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc.) Therefore, make sure that your website looks decent both on a computer screen, as well as on a tablet or a mobile phone in the most popular “combinations”. Also, make sure that your photos are properly arranged and provide air to text blocks. (The room, as you can see, is related to well-spaced paragraphs and spacing, which improve the legibility of the text.)

4. Shop from the fashion industry - subpar performance

If you answer to the question “what are you selling” is “well … dresses”, it’s time to change the industry! An online boutique is a place where women make decisions dictated by emotions, but not only.

After the first impression of a beautiful red dress, the average customer will look for answers to several, if not a dozen, questions:

  • where is the size chart?
  • is the dress sewn in this country or in China?
  • made of viscose or polyester?
  • does the dress stretch?
  • is the material translucent?
  • how soon will i get it?
  • how much does the shipment cost?
  • can i return it for free?

Some of these doubts can and should be dispelled by the best quality photo. Priority number 2, however, is to prepare the content on the product cards in such a way as to shorten the reflection time and let the emotions take full effect. Do this and the products will start falling into the basket faster.

zdjecie dodawania opinii na telefonie komorkowym
A client who feels taken care of will be happy to provide a favorable opinion. It is an important element of building the so-called social proof in your store.

If your product has a unique feature or a differentiator from the competition, do your best to talk about it.

Customers praise the quality of the fabrics? Post their opinions on the website, encourage them to upload photos and mark them on social media.

Percentage of customers who need additional information about order fulfillment before buying:


5. Product shyness

Contrary to appearances, this ailment affects many owners of online stores in the fashion industry. After all, they feel that the products in the online boutique are adequately represented. The thing is that the number of fashion stores in the network obliges you to be much more competitive when presenting the product.

A famous person ordered your products? Don’t limit yourself to one mention of it, just tag and mention similar events regularly. Your customers wish to know, how fashionable and popular are products that are in your offer. It’s worth giving up your shyness and believing in the merits of your offer, and then sharing it with others. It’s contagious, but in this case – in a positive sense.

zdjecie przedstaiwiajace wyszukiwanie w internecie
Do you want to be successful in e-commerce? Let yourself be found on the web.

If you are concerned that your online store in the fashion industry has symptoms of one of the above diseases, it is worth consulting a specialist. We have quite a lot of them in our agency, so we strongly encourage you to contact Click Leaders.

A professional audit is a great diagnostic tool that is the first step to improving the sales results of your e-commerce store.

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