Visual identification – why is it worth taking care of?

May 31 2022

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Visual identification, i.e. what is visible in your company at first glance, is of great importance in the context of sales results. After all, the first impression is only made once …

Do you want a Coke? What came to your mind after reading this question? A red can or bottle with an inscription that is recognized in the most remote corners of the world. This is the power of a well-designed logotype that makes everyone know what’s going on. The logo is a graphic sign, and the logotype is a text representation of the brand. Both of these forms are designed to evoke an emotion, feeling, or association that should be connected your business.

Procent Klientów przyznających w czasie współpracy, że ich logo wymaga jednak modyfikacji:


Why is visual identification so important?

Remember that when a customer meets you for the first time, he sees just this.

Logo. Signboard above the store. Website banner. Facebook profile picture.

How to design a good logo?

Color guide and sketches for the selected font
A good logo means perfect proportions and perfectly matched colors.

It is neither pleasant nor comfortable to hear negative opinions about your “baby”. A logo that you or a member of your family created is something you have a fondness for. But if you ask yourself “why do I have too few customers?” the answer may be right here. A sign to which you are humanly attached does not do your company any favors. Leaving the famous “comfort zone” and opening up to changes may be the first step towards a higher level business. Stay ahead of those who don’t know it yet! Your taste, your choices and preferences, unfortunately, must give way to generally accepted rules of visual art. Even if you love lavender, love a font full of flourishes, or have half your house painted black … it doesn’t really matter when it comes to your company’s graphic identification.

A good logo’s job is to make your brand recognizable. Customers trust such brands – what’s more, they are willing to spend much more money on it.

What does branding of the best have in common? The "less is more" principle!
Limit the number of colors, fonts and ornaments, and your communication will be clearer and more effective.

Visual communication - what's all this for?

In the flood of content and images, your customers are more and more confused. The creators of advertisements compete in ideas on how to shine, which often leads to smaller or larger visual disasters.





Bigger logo 😉

It may be with a mirror image. You know it?

How does a company that tries to stand out in ALL ways make you feel? Is he a pro player or is he desperate? The right choice of colors with which you want to communicate with recipients is not an easy task. You can get help using tools such as e.g. Coolors.cowhich would allow you to create customized and fitting color schemes. All you need to do is enter the code of the leading color – this is the so-called HEX designation (e.g. for the gray color it looks like this: # F9F9F9), and Coolors will choose other suggestions that will harmonize with it.

An example of a coolors website that is used to generate free color schemes
Use the free tool to help you create a matching color scheme.

The trick is to keep your own style, which on all communication platforms is characterized primarily by CONSISTENCY. The point is to establish a certain graphic rulebok that will remain unchanged. Font shape, carefully selected background shade, type of photos used. A graphic book that will become a kind of bible of your communication with the client. All graphic elements, apart from consistency, must be flawlessly accurate, matching the company’s profile. There is no room for understatement here. Less is often more.

If all this seems complicated to you, … specialists are here to help. The average graphic artist spent years dealing with colors, learned thousands of fonts, and trained his hand and eye, learning drawing and painting. Thanks to this, the best are able to immediately see details that a layman has never dreamed of. They just have a sense of style, composition, color … they see “something” that makes one company memorable and not the other.

For so many hours our graphic artist trained his hand and eye during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts

What does visual communication say about your brand?

You may not even realize that your customers, when looking at the company’s logo, feel emotions completely opposite to those you would like. The most expensive, high-quality luxury clothing can be misinterpreted through the prism of a “cheap”, sloppy logo. In turn, a brand that should be as friendly and accessible as possible unnecessarily hides behind a sign that is cold and official. These are mistakes that cost your business more than you think.

How much does the preparation of visual identification cost?

Solutions that are free or the cheapest on the market may not be enough. Not only that, they will paradoxically increase the costs of your company. How does it work? If you hire an aspiring student, the son of one of your employees, to quickly create your logo and business card designs, you might save some money on it. After some time, however, it usually turns out that both the logo and the design are subject to change. Then not only do you incur further costs, but also you are forced to carry out a branding revolution. The brand and its recognition are built practically from scratch, which takes time, and thus also money.

Scattered gold coins from which a sprouting plant grows
Corporate identity is a topic that is definitely not worth being stingy about.

Therefore, investing in an element which is the Visual Identification System should be high on your list of priorities. Let the industry specialists act, thanks to whom the visual communication of your company will be not only attractive, but most of all effective! A logo, font and even company colors can be the driving force of your business, but also an obstacle on the way to success. A professional audit should be the first step, thanks to which you will see the direction of further actions. Let yourself be carried by others in places where you risk your own time and money, where you have other ideas to invest in.

Business portrait of Jagoda Wichurska - copywriter of the Click Leaders e-commerce agency

Jagoda Wichurska

In the creative department, she is responsible for creating content and making up marketing ideas, which then form into neat plans.

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